7 Date Night Ideas You Haven’t Tried

Rekindle the Romance with New Date Night Experiences

Romance might not be dead for you and your partner, but it might be stagnant. If your date night routine has you experiencing a relationship rut, give it a jolt with fresh experiences. Instead of dining at the same restaurant, or visiting the same movie theater, shake things up with a new experience at least once a month. By experiencing new things together, you can discover new interests and uncover things you never knew about each other.

Here are ten date night plans you can try to rekindle the romance:

Go on a Scavenger Hunt or Try an Escape Room

Not only do scavenger hunts give you the opportunity to stretch brain muscles – they’re also really fun. Create riddles and hide clues around town. The hunt can relate to your relationship, your favorite things, or any subject matter that means something to you both. If you don’t have time to create your own hunt, look into group hunts or escape rooms. These types of experiences have become increasingly popular, making it easy to find one in your area.

Have a Staycation

Planning a global getaway takes a lot of effort, time and money – but staycations are often attainable. Get away from the couch, and discover new areas nearby. Depending on the weather, you can check out the local snow or beach resort, and cuddle up for a romantic bath. Exploring areas of your city you’ve yet to see together can introduce you to new restaurants and experiences you can file away for your next date night.

Plan a Picnic

Picnics are an affordable way to dine out. Pack a picnic basket and head to a destination with a view. Unlike cooking dinner, picnic preparation is simple and fast. It’s easy to prepare a cold-cut sandwich, pasta salad, fruit salad or hearty cobb. If cooking simply isn’t your thing, you can order and pack takeout. Bring the food on the go with you, and make an outing of it. Enjoy your meal on a sandy beach, from a hilltop after a hike, or enjoy an evening overlooking the city lights.

Do Lunch

On most days, you probably don’t see your partner until your home after a long day of work. Take a break from the day-to-day, and meet your love for a lunch break. Restaurants are often less crowded during lunch, and you’ll pay lunch-time prices. It’s a great time of day to dine at a restaurant where the menu is typically out of your budget.

Increase Your Heart Rate

While this date night only works if both people are equally gym-obsessed, exercise can be a great bonding experience. Feeling fit and healthy will make you feel better about yourself, and your partner. Take a class together, and sweat together. There’s nothing hotter. End the night with some delicious protein shakes from your favorite juicery, and a low-calorie home-cooked meal you make together.

Watch the Sunset

Slow down your daily routine, and make time to watch the sun set. Watching the sun set can be a romantic and peaceful experience. Life can get the best of us on most days, so it’s nice to take pause and reflect once and awhile.


Sometimes it’s okay to act like a kid. There are tons of recreational experiences you can have as a couple. There are trampoline gyms, go kart racing tracks and more. Like to climb? Try a rock climbing gym. Research activities in your city, and try something new. You could discover a new activity you and your partner really like.

You can recharge your relationship, despite your lack of time and budget. There are plenty of affordable ways to spice up your date nights, and rekindle the romance with your partner. Keep the resolution to keep your love life alive this year.
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