Baseball Game Deals. Get the Most Value Out of Your Trip to the Ballpark

5 Baseball Game Deals to Use Now

Enjoy Baseball Season Without Blowing Your Budget at the Ballpark.

Baseball season is upon us, which is good and bad news for baseball fans. While there’s no arguing the entertainment value of a day at the ballpark, it can also be incredibly expensive. Bad news for the many Americans living paycheck to paycheck, but the good news is there are many baseball game deals to take advantage of. 

Everything from transportation to parking, tickets, drinks and food can add up to an empty wallet. Don’t let your favorite pastime blow your budget. Here are five baseball game deals to help you have a cheap day at the ballpark and still enjoy the experience.

Buy Baseball Tickets at the Ticket Window in Advance

The best way to score cheap baseball tickets is at the team ticket window in advance. If you wait until the day of, you risk tickets selling out. Paying at the window often means the best baseball game deals. You can often buy tickets at face value, as opposed to buying online which includes markups and additional fees.

Go to Cheaper Games

Not all games are created equal. There are certain matchups that always sell out. Games between rivals or popular teams are often more expensive. Check the MLB schedule to find out when teams play to score baseball game deals.

Games later in the season may also be more expensive as teams make there way towards the World Series. Weekend and evening games are more expensive. Try to catch a game on a week night or during the day to score cheap baseball tickets.

Avoid Ballpark Parking Lots

Ballparks charge astronomical fees for parking. Parking at Dodger Stadium for example, costs $15 for regular parking and $50 for preferred parking at the gate. If you’re going to park at the stadium, buy your parking pass online to save. You can save $5 on regular parking at Dodger Stadium if you buy online, and $15 off preferred parking.

Many ballparks are located near train stops or have busses that run to the park. Depending on where you live, it may be cheaper to take a ride sharing service to the game than park at the ballpark. If you’re going to the game with friends, carpool to save on the cost of parking.

BYOF – Bring Your Own Food

Anyone who has ever been to a ball game knows how over-priced the food is. You’ll pay high markups on everything from hot dogs to beer. While you can’t bring your own alcohol, you can usually bring your own snacks. Make sure to review your ballpark’s outside food policy before packing for your game.

Don’t Buy Souvenirs at the Game

Part of the fun of going to a baseball game is representing your team by wearing team gear. Buy baseball souvenirs online before the game to save. T-shirts and other souvenirs will be marked up at the game, so buy your items online ahead of time where you can comparison shop and score cheaper items. If you spend too much on a game, a personal loan could help you cover your bills until payday.

Enjoy baseball season without blowing your budget. Take advantage of discounts and deals and do your research online ahead of time to save more.




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