Cheap Movies: Get Cheaper Movie Tickets and Make the Most of MoviePass

MoviePass for Movie Deals

Reduce the Cost of a Night at the Movies with MoviePass


MoviePass is a subscription service for moviegoers that reduces the cost of a night at the movies. For film buffs or fans who can’t pass up a trip to the theater, this pass makes moviegoing a more affordable hobby. For those unfamiliar with the subscription service, MoviePass allows people to pay a monthly fee of about $9.95 per month to see one movie per day at no additional cost. After you sign up, MoviePass will send you a prepaid debit card that you can use to purchase your movie tickets.

Like most deals, there are contingencies associated with the pass. For example, you must buy tickets on the same day as the movie you want to see. That can be problematic when you’re a hardcore fan who wants to see blockbuster films the night they come out.

Another caveat of the subscription is that not all showings or all movies are available through MoviePass, although many are. You’ll need to check that your movie theater participates in MoviePass before your visit, since not all theaters accept the prepaid debit card.

If you love movies and can’t afford to shell out the ever-increasing price per ticket, MoviePass can be a great deal. Here are some ways to make the most of your MoviePass.

Make it a Hobby

The more movies you see per month, the less you pay per movie. If you only go once a month, you’re not getting a deal. Make moviegoing part of your weekly routine. The MoviePass is ideal if you love movies, but only see select films in theaters due to the cost per ticket.

MoviePass will allow you to see more films in theaters as opposed to waiting until they’re added to your streaming service.

Join a Theater Rewards Program

Many theaters including AMC and Regal Cinemas offer theater rewards programs. They allow you to earn points through purchasing tickets that can be applied to things like concessions.

Use your MoviePass at the same theater franchise and join the theater rewards program to earn points and get free concessions like popcorn, soda and more.

Don’t Eat at the Theater

Unless you’re cashing in rewards points, eat before you go to the movies. MoviePass helps you save money by reducing the price per ticket, but that savings is lost once you buy concessions. Everything costs more at the movies, from popcorn to that microwaved hot dog. Save money by eating at home.

You can still enjoy a snack every once and a while, just not every time you visit the theater.

Be a Fan, Not a Critic

If you’re picky about what you’ll see in theaters, MoviePass probably isn’t for you. In order to make the most of your subscription, you’ll need to get in the theater more. This can be challenging during off seasons like after the holidays or after the big summer season.

Get in the theater more often and explore new types of film genres. The beauty of MoviePass is that you can see more movies for less, so you can be less picky about what you’ll see in the theater.

Make the most of MoviePass, and see more movies for less.




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