The World’s Cheapest Countries to Visit

cheapest countries to visit

Just in time for summer, discover the cheapest countries to travel to

At LendWallet, we’re all about getting the most bang for your buck, especially when it comes to travel. If you’ve been saving up for a trip overseas, your travel goals may be within reach. The biennial World Economic Forum (WEF) Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report was released this month, announcing the best places for budget travelers to visit in 2017. Check out the top ten cheapest countries to visit in 2017 according to the WEF.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a unique tropical destination where travelers can dive with blue whales or watch spinner dolphins in Kalpitiya. Sri Lanka has 5,800 wild elephants, and the largest concentration of leopards in the world. You can see them by visiting Yala National Park, along with other animals like sloths, bears and buffalo. Always wanted to play a game of cricket? Galle is a haven for cricket lovers. Catch an international cricket match or play a game yourself. While in Galle enjoy the Dutch colonial architecture, shop for jewelry and enjoy lively nightlife. Sri Lanka is also known for its unique caves filled with Buddha statues, cave paintings and unique atmosphere. Best of all it tops of the list of cheapest countries to visit.



If you love to adventure, and aren’t afraid of a good hike, you’ll enjoy a trip to Nepal this summer. Nepal is the country with the largest altitudinal range on the entire planet. If you’re really daring, try to climb Everest, just a mere 29,000 ft. If climbing mountains isn’t your thing, climb atop an elephant and let him carry you across the jungle in Chitwan National Park. For those seeking inner peace, visit Lumbini the birth-place of one of history’s most revered figures – the Buddha. Visit Gokyo lakes for scenic and tranquil views of Everest and the surrounding bodies of water.




Thailand often makes the list of cheapest countries to visit, so it’s no surprise the WEF included the tropical destination in its 2017 list. Thailand offers island hopping, pristine beaches, amazing street food and fabulous luxury hotels. There’s even ewok-inspired tree dwellings at Keemala for Star Wars fans. Take a trip to Udon Thani, where lilies on Red Lotus Lake bloom from November to February. Buddhas are big in Thailand. There’s no shortage of temples to visit, or Buddha’s to see.


In Guatemala is a kingdom to be admired and a culture to be envied. Visit Tikal, considered the mother of Mayan sites. Historians believe it was likely the most powerful metropolis of its time. Guatemala is the perfect destination for adventure seekers. If you like to be active on your vacations, you’ll enjoy Guatemala. Careen through the jungle trees via a series of cables. Guatemala is the perfect place to try this adrenaline-inducing activity thanks to its lush forests. Discover Mayan pyramids, once home to 100,000 Maya, the UNESCO World Heritage site contains more than 3,000 structures including temples and palaces.


Qatar is experiencing massive growth. Doha, the capital and main city of Qatar changes month to month. Mild winters mean travelers can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. Enjoy a swim in the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf, take a trip to the sand dunes, or explore the mangroves by kayak. The best time to travel to Qatar is between November and March when temperatures are more mild and rainfall is rare. Sandstorms are common in the spring, and summers are hot with temperatures reaching 122 degrees.

Which of these locations is on your bucket list? Would you consider traveling to these locals now that you know they’re among the cheapest countries to visit in the world?


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